Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is me...

In years to come people will talk about me.. but for now I'll tell you who i am at this point. I'm pretty average for people who are also like me...
but to others i can be as overwhelming as overwhelming can be..
I'm like Apollo the sun god.. the master musician..
only different is i use my rhymes not my song.. but it's a song too i think.. for me.
i live in a world only me and a few other understand. it's a complex reality you have to live with if you wanna be close to me.
i used to enjoy all the joys of life when i was in high school. i mean i had everything back then.
it's a whole different world when you're in college. more things that are unexplainable are occurring yet i can do nothing about it. i guess high school is fun, college on the other hand is ironic. a mixture of pain and joy. love and hate.hehehe... but hey, everyone faces these things right?? but still, i would give 20 years of my life to go back to high school for 4 years more.. to go over the joy of speaking my mind whenever i want to (in a big stage that is;p) hehehe... to write my way to fame and admiration all over again..
to speak my way to recognition...
and furthermore, to be with people i long to be with again..hehehe
yes, i know... i sound very boastful in that last part.. but that's how it goes... sorry.. like i said. i am overwhelming..
get to know me.. you'll see.... first impressions doesn't always last. peace

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