Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is me...

In years to come people will talk about me.. but for now I'll tell you who i am at this point. I'm pretty average for people who are also like me...
but to others i can be as overwhelming as overwhelming can be..
I'm like Apollo the sun god.. the master musician..
only different is i use my rhymes not my song.. but it's a song too i think.. for me.
i live in a world only me and a few other understand. it's a complex reality you have to live with if you wanna be close to me.
i used to enjoy all the joys of life when i was in high school. i mean i had everything back then.
it's a whole different world when you're in college. more things that are unexplainable are occurring yet i can do nothing about it. i guess high school is fun, college on the other hand is ironic. a mixture of pain and joy. love and hate.hehehe... but hey, everyone faces these things right?? but still, i would give 20 years of my life to go back to high school for 4 years more.. to go over the joy of speaking my mind whenever i want to (in a big stage that is;p) hehehe... to write my way to fame and admiration all over again..
to speak my way to recognition...
and furthermore, to be with people i long to be with again..hehehe
yes, i know... i sound very boastful in that last part.. but that's how it goes... sorry.. like i said. i am overwhelming..
get to know me.. you'll see.... first impressions doesn't always last. peace

Monday, November 10, 2008

This is for my crew....don't really have much to say but since this has always been an issue amongst us.. the fucking brown style rivalry in which most of us find the situation as a common day to day activity.. the boasting of words and the show of pride between ours and theirs is fun.. isn't it?? but what's funnier is that how every time they always lose..hahaha.. now isn't that a laugh.. intellectual aspects and the physical courage of an individual must be needed in order to sustain a healthy way of living this so called gangsta' life.. and we have that don't we..?? and they don't.. an advantage worth keeping.. our civilized ways count for more than our punches could bring at them.. their cliche insults are a thing of the past whilst we must keep our pride and be civilized in handling situations such as make-up stories..realize what's true.. think about it.. SureƱos rule!!


The complexity of most things in this world can never be measured. It is a fact that most find true in every situation each has encountered. Reason is sometimes blind to what the truth dictates. not all things can be reasoned out. you may have all the wits in the world but there is still that one sensation where you simply can't come up with the right adjective to utter. These situations will linger, yet it will be unexplainable. It is a thought that makes you wonder if even God knows how to describe what you feel. It is even a test of faith sometimes.

Then comes that very someone. someone that will make you believe that indeed God knows the answer to your queries. someone you can call god-given."The Answer".. to cut it short. Someone you'll learn to love without reasons. Someone who is real yet he/she is also your fantasy. A glimpse of a fairytale brought to your reality. No need for wits, no need for reasons, no need for questions because you have the answer. God is great isn't he?

But it doesn't always end that way my friend, things may turn out like fairy tales but remember.. all fairy tales has an evil witch in it's plot. storms will come, it will try to break apart and tear the pages of your story to pieces. it will put you down and wash you away. But Still, i tell you, God is good.. he'll take away all your pains and return you to your very own fairy tale again. but you'll have to help yourself on the way still. wits do not count when you've found your "answer". it is the mind in your heart that will decide for you... knowledge is not always power.. love is..

Dedicated To:
My dearest, who will always be my answer.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Simplicity Superhero

im a superhero...see??
i fly as high as high can be
i live in the highest cloud
i stand out from the crowd..
aren't you proud??
i like to excel as excel should
when the world is down, im always good
every everyday, i live to amaze
im the reason for that smile in your face
i go for dreams and make them dreams no more
open up, im knockin' on your door
i cry and cry yet i never die
im supreme.. i never lie
so give me the best
and ill bring it down like the rest
during the summer, im the rainfall..
darling, im your sweetest downfall

standing ground (A gangsters condition)

stand your ground
when the world blows you down,
hold your breath
when the world tosses your crown
make true of what you believe
let out what you conceive...
never hinder despite the words untrue
raise your flag, the one that's crip blue
make a stand in terror stricken times
move forward yet, stop and look at the signs
let not what you hear interfere with what you see
remember all is one with democracy..
might makes right they all say,
but the pen is mightier than the sword..
i say it every day...
so stand your ground.. and don't let things be
remember, destiny is just an excuse of letting things happen instead of making things happen..
and that oftentimes the true test of courage is not to die.. but to live...